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Shawn Mendes - Can’t Imagine

Shawn Mendes - Can’t Imagine

Shawn Mendes, Justin Bieber - Monster

Shawn Mendes, Justin Bieber - Monster

Shawn Mendes - Wonder (Lyric Video)

Shawn Mendes - Wonder (Lyric Video)

Shawn Mendes - Wonder

Shawn Mendes - Wonder

Shawn Mendes - Intro (Wonder Trailer)

Shawn Mendes - Intro (Wonder Trailer)


  • Paranormal paratrooper: Darren Ward.
    Paranormal paratrooper: Darren Ward.13 часов назад


  • Nitin Kumar
    Nitin Kumar13 часов назад

    I am 27 years from india, when I play with full volume all start conversations that he is insane.

  • Chanchal Pandey
    Chanchal Pandey14 часов назад

    Tbh I get too good to be true feeling here ..

    USMAN14 часов назад

    I think we started to loving Shawn more than Justin 🤔

    USMAN14 часов назад

    People in 2021: *cough* Me: you be needing covid test 😂

    USMAN14 часов назад

    People in 2021: *cough* Me: you be needing covid test 😂

    USMAN14 часов назад

    2 years...this will never get old

    USMAN14 часов назад

    Let's see how many people love more Shawn = 👍 Camilla = 💬

    USMAN14 часов назад

    Don't worry I know this isn't your first time listening to this masterpiece

    USMAN14 часов назад

    Fun Fact: this song won "collab of the year" 🎉

  • Chandani Naik
    Chandani Naik14 часов назад

    Love the song.

  • Sophia Fry
    Sophia Fry14 часов назад

    shawn baby u are so popular 😩

  • •strawberry_editz5•
    •strawberry_editz5•14 часов назад

    I come from the skephalo animatic " If I can't have you"

  • Pushkar RENDITIONS
    Pushkar RENDITIONS14 часов назад

    Am I alone who is enjoying treat you better and reading lyrics of Mercy 😂?

  • Luka Couffine
    Luka Couffine14 часов назад

    I have listened 70+ songs But this my favourite

  • Hayrus Simsek
    Hayrus Simsek14 часов назад

    02:22 02:27

  • Geordia Mahkum
    Geordia Mahkum14 часов назад

    Kesini gara gara kuli

  • Alexzander Busby
    Alexzander Busby14 часов назад

    I've been here since before stitches was released I can't remember exactly when I started listening to you but I know its been a long time

  • Geordia Mahkum
    Geordia Mahkum14 часов назад

    Kesini gara gara kuli

  • Aarushi Keshari
    Aarushi Keshari14 часов назад

    5:33 that smile 😊

  • it's me ànushka
    it's me ànushka15 часов назад

    Who's listening this in April❤️

  • fire ninja afng
    fire ninja afng15 часов назад


  • sumigo
    sumigo15 часов назад


  • Swati Pandey
    Swati Pandey15 часов назад

    Dua lipa- Don't pick up the phone Ariana- I'm pickin it up Adele- Hello Charlie- We don't talk anymore Justin- What do you mean Shawn- I know what you did last summer Justin- Sorry Charlie- You just want attention

  • I'm mysterious
    I'm mysterious15 часов назад


  • Bonita Hepburn
    Bonita Hepburn15 часов назад


  • Kenan Jusupovic
    Kenan Jusupovic15 часов назад

    Harry Potter :shud we get him? Invicibility cloak:Ye les go

  • SHArK
    SHArK16 часов назад

    इसकी पिटाई क्यूँ हुई?

  • bernaflor pacantara
    bernaflor pacantara16 часов назад

    This song is to modded greiffers

  • ً
    ً16 часов назад

    *sad twerking*

  • Thuão
    Thuão16 часов назад


  • Afrin
    Afrin16 часов назад

    Whos listen it on 2021?

  • M. H
    M. H16 часов назад


  • John von Shepard
    John von Shepard16 часов назад

    Schiit Hel 2

  • Linda
    Linda16 часов назад

    Gigi & my dreams.

  • Deztherato
    Deztherato16 часов назад

    call me John cuz I ain’t cena thing...

  • AYUSH Pathakji
    AYUSH Pathakji16 часов назад

    I am listening

  • Uday alone
    Uday alone16 часов назад

    1B views soon:)

  • beatrix
    beatrix16 часов назад

    i remember when this song first came out i was on my friends toilet and it premiered and i watched it and after i watched it i showed my fire and we couldn't stop listening to it, i miss summer 2019;

  • Vedant Shahi
    Vedant Shahi17 часов назад

    Best english song of the century

  • William G.
    William G.17 часов назад


  • Aqua Kween
    Aqua Kween17 часов назад

    Alisha boe💞💞💞💗

  • Bhagavad Gita
    Bhagavad Gita17 часов назад

    Road to 3 billion views🔥🔥

  • Mackau Braddlen22w
    Mackau Braddlen22w18 часов назад

    Well say anyone else here april 2021

  • Dora Lobaton Daga
    Dora Lobaton Daga18 часов назад

    I love you

  • Madriaga Maki
    Madriaga Maki18 часов назад

    I'm just imagining myself beating his ass while singing

  • Sadman Sn
    Sadman Sn18 часов назад

    Camila Cabello reacting to this song. Shawn and another girl.😅

  • Sadman Sn
    Sadman Sn18 часов назад

    "There's Nothing Holdin me back" from this song.

  • Hailey Le
    Hailey Le18 часов назад

    h o w t h o

  • Lalin Suede
    Lalin Suede18 часов назад

    Everything I needed to hear! If nobody dedicates this song to me, I dedicate it myself. From: Lili To: Lili and anyone who needs to read this: “You are stronger than you think, it's okay to cry and want a hug. You are the most special person in this world for me (even you stranger), you are special, your smile is the most beautiful and radiant, and even when you cry you are still beautiful, but please don't cry too much! If there is no one to hug you, seek comfort in a song, your favorite artist or the amazing person you see in the mirror. Dedicate songs to yourself because you deserve all the love you want to spread to the world. Never give up breathing.”

  • Washifa Sultana
    Washifa Sultana18 часов назад

    I love this man a lot too much🥺

  • Hathor Club
    Hathor Club18 часов назад

    *this song will never be old*

  • MILEZ X-2
    MILEZ X-218 часов назад

  • Fiorella Hernández
    Fiorella Hernández18 часов назад

    DIOS MÍO !! Pero que voz !! 🎤🎶

  • MILEZ X-2
    MILEZ X-218 часов назад

  • MILEZ X-2
    MILEZ X-218 часов назад

  • May Hangas
    May Hangas18 часов назад

    WONDER-ful song 😍👏👏👏

  • CO-OP
    CO-OP18 часов назад

    He legit has all the girls

  • venom
    venom18 часов назад

    The dislikes are from the girls whose name is senorita😂😂

  • leeUwen!리우 웬
    leeUwen!리우 웬18 часов назад

    I Wonder when will i get a... ICEcream

  • nateiscool
    nateiscool18 часов назад

    these days i just chilled out and played roblox

  • supermariologan ytp
    supermariologan ytp19 часов назад

    His voice sounds weird

  • Zoe __123
    Zoe __12319 часов назад

    😃 still here after 3 years

  • Sunita Gupta
    Sunita Gupta19 часов назад

    This song is fantastic

  • Nausin Alam
    Nausin Alam19 часов назад

    wHo'S sHaWn MeNdEs??

  • Nadia arleth chambi tola
    Nadia arleth chambi tola19 часов назад


    ANDERLEI SILVA19 часов назад


  • Lady Bug
    Lady Bug19 часов назад

    Camilla out there marrying the love of my life😭✨

  • Reet
    Reet19 часов назад

    So one is gonna talk bout shawn being taller than the freaking SHOWER

  • Azulejos azulejo
    Azulejos azulejo19 часов назад

    No se que comentar pero bueno hola :)

  • Yojhan Estiven Serna Tamayo
    Yojhan Estiven Serna Tamayo16 часов назад


  • Alex Garcia
    Alex Garcia19 часов назад

    Alex: You will come back later 10 Years Later Briana: Hey can I come back to you? Alex: Sorry I told you but I can't

  • Paloma Reyes
    Paloma Reyes19 часов назад

    Yo quisiera estar ai enserio teamooooo:

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous19 часов назад

    Oh this song!! It made me fall in love for Shawmila 😍

  • Makayla Andrews
    Makayla Andrews19 часов назад

    If you trip and fall just know the ones who truly love you will help you get back up.

  • NAn Juson
    NAn Juson19 часов назад

    one of the collab that ive been waiting for 😊😍

  • Karen Franco
    Karen Franco20 часов назад

    Hermosísima está canción 😍 me enamora , no hay que dejar que se olviden de está canción ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘😘

  • Micha3l.Bronze
    Micha3l.Bronze20 часов назад

    John Cena was actually in this music video

  • musiclova2112
    musiclova211220 часов назад

    This song and “Clover Cage - Thorn In The Side Of The King” are the only two things keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better...We are in this together...I love you...💕

  • Moe Phanhnong
    Moe Phanhnong20 часов назад

    Harry Potter in the invisibility cloak beating him up because he was the one who really killed his parents.

  • Jackiepie YT
    Jackiepie YT20 часов назад

    Justin has best voice in the world